Orders Delivered

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 50 dated 15 January 1992, Hobo Coin gives you the right to return the goods within 14 days from the date of receipt, on condition that the goods are absolutely intact, complete in all their parts, with the original packaging completely intact. Failure to comply with these principles renders the right of withdrawal inapplicable. In order to make the whole procedure run more smoothly, it is important, however, to follow these instructions:

- Notify Hobo Coin of your intention to return by email or by registered letter with return receipt, indicating the identification of the item necessary for its identification.
- Wait for our confirmation authorising the return.
- For the return, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs and possibly insurance.
- After having received and inspected the good condition of the goods, Hobo Coin shall transmit the counter-value of the same, transport and insurance costs excluded, within the shortest possible time and within a maximum of thirty days from the date on which the communication is received, by means of the following methods: a bank transfer, a Paypal payment (commissions are charged to the purchaser) or alternatively by replacing the item with other goods chosen by the purchaser.
- If the goods are returned for no real reason (e.g. because they are faulty) but only because you have changed your mind, a 15% penalty may be deducted from the value to be refunded for the cost of restocking and reselling the goods.

See Right of Withdrawal and Warranties policy.

Pre-sale orders

Pre-sale orders are orders that contain a product that has recently been announced by the Mint, which we therefore do not have in stock, but which Hobo Coin offers for sale in order to guarantee blocked price and availability to its customers.

Usually the wait for these products can vary from 1 to several months depending on various factors. For these products, an "Expected Delivery Date" is always highlighted on the product page to give an approximate idea of availability in our warehouse, so Hobo Coin should not be held responsible for any inconvenience or delay that the Mint may cause.

Once a pre-sale product has been purchased, the customer agrees with Hobo Coin to maintain the total quantity of the order placed with the manufacturer Mint, consequently all cancelled pre-sale orders will also be charged to the customer with a 15% retainer fee.

Depending on the case, Hobo Coin will refund the order keeping this 15% deposit commission or give a discount voucher for future orders.