Welcome to the section dedicated to discount coupons

The discounts reserved for all our customers are as follows:

  •  5% discount - For all our new customers we have a discount of 5%. By registering on the site you will be entitled to a 5% discount voucher that will be sent via email.

  • 5% discount - After the first order you will receive an additional 5% discount voucher to be used for the second order.

  • 20% discount - Happy Birthday !! On your birthday we give you a 20% discount voucher.

  • Loyalty points - With each order placed, Loyalty points will be accumulated to spend on the site. Each loyalty point is worth 0.20 euros and upon registration you will be entitled to the first Punto Fedelta. Each Euro 10 spent will accumulate 1 Loyalty Point

  • Discount Review - Write a review of your purchase and product and receive a 5% discount voucher